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Fun staff retreat activity ideas for groups of all sizes

Are you looking for something more effective, memorable and fun for your upcoming staff retreat activity? Are you on a tight timeline and need a proposal right away? You've come to the right place.

British Outback Adventures & Events provides staff retreat planners like you with a wide selection of fun staff retreat group activities. We’ve designed these staff retreat activities to easily insert into your staff retreat itinerary and venue, regardless of where you’re meeting. They either take place right on-site, or start and finish at the staff retreat venue. Our staff retreat activities are fun, interactive, entertaining, and in some cases competitive, and a great way for your staff retreat attendees to get to know each other.

Staff retreat planners across the country love these 5 staff retreat activities. They work really well for a wide range of groups.

  • The Apprentice is a staff retreat activity everyone will enjoy. It combines two great components: a business theme your attendees will be familiar with (Donald Trump’s “Apprentice” television series), and a philanthropic giveaway where the bikes or other items you build are donated to a local charity.
  • Cake Creators is a great staff retreat activity that can synchronize with any event theme. Can you imagine your sales reps decorating cakes shaped to look like your logo or top selling products? Can you picture your CEO piping out frosting to put the finishing touch on their masterpiece? This is a delicious culinary experience designed to bring diverse groups together in a competitive yet supportive environment.
  • CI: The Crime Investigators will take your event venue and convert it into a crime scene. Foul play has taken place and the local police department needs help in solving this crime. And who is better suited than anyone to help solve the crime? Your attendees of course! Which team will solve the crime?
  • The Amazing Chase is a race against time with a competitive team element. Teams will compete head to head, pitting their wits against each other to be crowned “Amazing Chase Champions!” This is an excellent staff outing choice if you want to combine a fun activity people can really get into with showing off the highlights of the local area surrounding the event venue.
  • The Boat Building Regatta is a highly entertaining and engaging staff retreat activity where participants build real boats constructed from cardboard. Yes, cardboard! The boats will be built and then evaluated in a number of areas prior to the big test, functionality. This means that each team will be putting at least one member into the boat to compete on the water in a navigational challenge. Can you picture the Captain of your company captaining one of these boats? The Boat Building Regatta is an extremely entertaining and dynamic event for groups of all sizes. If your event venue has a pool or a body of water nearby, this is a staff outing you’ll never forget!

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Or perhaps you’re looking for light entertainment for your staff retreat activity. These are very popular choices amongst staff retreat planners like you.

  • Vegas Nights Casino brings the excitement of a Las Vegas casino to your staff retreat. Combined with good music and great food and drinks, it makes for a great evening.
  • The Drum Café is a unique and highly memorable experience that will set a high energy tone for the whole staff retreat and create an excellent group atmosphere.
  • Dining in the Dark is a unique experience likely no one in your group has ever done. During this pitch black (and we mean black… no lights of any kind are allowed in the dining area) culinary adventure you’ll discover a feast for your senses. . It takes a potentially boring group meal to a whole new level ....a dining adventure!

All of our staff retreat activities are designed and implemented with extraordinary attention to detail. You can confidently leave all the planning to us and trust us to put on a staff retreat activity your group will love.

Planning and delivering unique staff retreat activities is our specialty. Groups as small as 8 and as large as 2000 or more are handled with ease. Working on a tight timeline? We're up to the challenge. We understand the trend to shorter lead times, and have put the resources in place to execute all of our staff retreat activities on short notice, regardless of where you are meeting.

Our staff retreat activities are available 365 days a year in a myriad of spectacular meeting locations throughout the UK, Europe, North America, and around the world.

"I've been receiving feedback from numerous participants who were amazed and excited about their experiences during this event. What an impact on our team's morale! To say that your team exceeded our expectations is but stating the obvious. I am so thrilled to have worked with such a fabulous group of professionals." > more feedback

Discuss your specific situation and ideas with one of our professional and friendly representatives by calling the Company Morale Hotline at 0808-120-1963 or email our team at We'll get you the information you need right away, without delay.

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